According to the 2013 State of the Global Islamic Economy study conducted by Thomson Reuters and Dinar Standard, the Muslim travel sector is said to be worth USD $137billion – contributing significantly to the approximate USD $3trillion that the entire Islamic economy is worth.

An economy that clearly does not display any signs of waning, facilities and products catering to and for the Muslim market no longer need to be searched for like the proverbial needle in a haystack and the Muslim tourism sector is no exception. By catering for Muslims and with effective marketing, there is huge scope and opportunity for countries to take a slice of the Muslim tourism sector – a sector that is growing with more speed than any other segment of the travel market today.

Luxury travel company Premium Europe AGundertook a survey to discover the factors that Muslims take into account when booking their holidays abroad and sourcing the perfect hotel. They found the following:



Top 10 requirements of the Muslim Traveller:


10) Qur’an available in hotel rooms – just as the Bible is readily placed in a bedside drawer

9) Bathing suits for women – to maintain modesty

8) Arabic TV channels – to keep up to date with current affairs

7) Alcohol free options – alcohol free mini bars and a choice of non-alcoholic bars to socialise in

6) Middle Eastern Menu – a taste of home

5) Spa Facilities – are there female only spas with female only spa therapists?

4) Female housekeeping and room staff – so that women may relax behind closed doors without worrying about male housekeeping intrusion

3) Female swimming/spa times – specific times exclusively for women so that Muslim guests feel comfortable in their surroundings

2) Prayer facilities – prayer mats as well as prayer times and qibla (direction of prayer) would be incredibly beneficial

1) Halal Food – considered by those surveyed to be the top need of Muslim travelers


Are the above important to you? Is there anything you look for when booking a holiday? Let us know!


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