Ramadan: The Ins & Outs

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Dining Out for Iftar

Islamic Thought at the Ibn Rushd Memorial Lecture

Halal Hysteria: To Label or Not to Label?

We comment on recent Halal hysteria in the media

Serendipity Tailormade: Bespoke Halal Travel

Q&A With Ieat Foods' Shazia Saleem

Punjab Kitchen: Meat Cross-Contamination

Self-Certification: A Probable Abuse of the Term 'Halal'

PM David Cameron: While I'm in Power, Halal is Safe in Britain

New Research Suggests 7 Portions of Fruit & Veg a Day Instead of 5

Chef Ali, La Sophia - Plans for Palestine and Cooking French Fare at Home

I'm A Muslim and I Give Blood - 2014 Relaunch 

Public Policy Exchange 'Raising Animal Welfare Standards at the Time of Slaughter or Killing' - Event Report

HFA Stunning Parameters and Abandonment of Mechanical Slaughter

Juices - the lies we've been told

Q&A With Willowbrook Farm

Why Organic?

HFA abandons mechanical slaughtering

De-listed HFA clients

Asics Onitsuka Tiger

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