There is a gap in the Muslim community both within and outside of mosques, schools and Islamic centres in providing appropriate educational resources and information on what halal is, what makes food halal, how we know if food is halal and how to live a halal lifestyle. This gap was acknowledged by Halal Accreditation Limited; the idea of an organisation that promotes halal and its various facets to mosques and schools as well as the wider community was put forth and thus, the Halal Food Foundation was born in mid-2013.

The HFF want a wider spectrum of the community to eat more halal food but also to understand its importance in Islam. It is undoubtedly easier for many to not eat halal – why seek out halal when you can go to your local supermarket and pick up any ready-made meal or piece of meat? Maintaining a halal diet requires discipline and control but there is little extra effort needed to source halal meat / products due to the ever-increasing halal industry (and the health benefits are abundant!).

Education, therefore, is one of the HFF’s main aims – our charity is rooted in the circulation of information and the development of understanding - we believe that halal does not just pertain to food, we believe that halal is a lifestyle.

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